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Snowcat Ridge in Dade City spends millions making sure its second year is smoother sledding

Tickets to frozen fun park start at $27
Snowcat Ridge in Dade City
Posted at 3:24 AM, Nov 11, 2021

Snowcat Ridge in Dade City is hoping its second year of business is a lot smoother sledding than the first.

Florida's inaugural frozen fun park was riddled with snafus, from rapidly melting snow and ice to code violations to early shut-downs.

But the organizers spent an extra $5 million this year to make sure their dream stays cool, investing in chillers and snow machines.

This time they also worked closely with the county and state to make sure everything was in proper working order.

Snowcat Ridge is also hoping to win back guests with new attractions, including a Crystal Ribbon ice-skating course and new launch technology for their alpine snow slides.

Tickets start at $27.

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