FBI warning Florida residents of blackmail adultery scam

Posted: 3:17 PM, Jul 24, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-24 19:46:29Z

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The FBI Jacksonville division is warning Florida residents of a blackmail scam emerging after numerous cases were recently reported to FBI Ocala. 

The scam begins with an anonymous letter where the scammers claim to have evidence of adultery by the letter recipient. Then they threaten to reveal the information unless they get money to stay silent. 

To remain undetected, the scammer will usually insist on being paid using bitcoin — a virtual currency that's difficult to track.

If you feel like you've been a victim of this fraud, or another, file a report with law enforcement and submit the information to the FBI's Internet Crimes Complaint Center

If you want more information on this, and other common fraud schemes visit this website.