FBI investigates vandalism mentioning ISIS left on Fort Myers church

"It said F--- all Americans"
Posted at 6:23 PM, Jul 05, 2016

An act of vandalism mentioning ISIS at a Fort Myers church is now being investigated by the FBI.

The vandalism was written on a back wall of the Centro Internacional De Avivamiento, as well as a table.

The church's pastor, Lucia Lopes, told Fox 4 the table was taken by authorities as evidence. She says it was covered in disturbing messages, including a threat of a future ISIS attack.  "Each 6th day of each month we're going to do some attacks," said Lopes.

The incident was discovered Sunday morning, and since then, Fort Myers Police as well as the FBI have launched a joint investigation into the matter.

"It said 'ISIS' and 'It's not a game; this a warning and you have six days'," said Andrea Reyes. 

Reyes saw the threatening message Sunday morning while heading to church. She says it mentioned Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott, and targeted other groups of people.

"The message was 'F--- (expletive) all Americans' and then it was a hate crime towards Blacks, Hispanics, Whites; and then it said a bunch of words like lesbians, gays," said Reyes.

An FBI spokesperson confirmed their involvement with the investigation, but said Fort Myers Police are leading the case.

When asked if the FBI believed the message was an act of terrorism speech, he said "If I tell you, yes or no, that would be too much disclosure. It's information pertaining to the investigation and I can not do that," said Moises Quinones-Robles, FBI.

Tuesday police continued to keep an eye on the church. Lopes says the church will be getting surveillance cameras soon.