Family being investigated for possible child abuse after viral video

Video shows woman hitting two children
Posted at 10:44 PM, Mar 16, 2017

Investigators haven’t given many details about the incident, but our Scripps station ABC2 News does know that the family involved lives in the Essex/Middle River area, and Baltimore County Police along with the Baltimore Department of Social Services are investigating.

The clip is just 23 seconds long and you see a woman yelling and hitting a little girl and little boy. She can be heard threatening to beat the kids to death.          

Facebook user Devon Macijeski tells us he posted the video late Wednesday night after the woman texted it to him.

In Maryland, everyone who knows about child abuse and neglect is legally obligated to report it. The Department of Social Services and the Police Department both told ABC2 News they're investigating after being made aware of the recording. Video from a witness apparently shows the mother being taken away by officers Thursday afternoon, however, neither agency will confirm that.

Child Abuse Pediatrician, Dr. Wendy Lane says in cases like this, DSS will usually do an assessment to make sure the child or children are safe.

"Ultimately, what the Department of Social Services wants to do is what's best for the child, and if they are attached to an adult that's safe to care for them then the Department of Social Services generally wants to keep them in a safe place and some place where they're comfortable," she said.

ABC2 News later learned the couple appeared on an episode of the Steve Wilkos Show in 2012. During the broadcast, the father was accused of abusing the children and family contacted DSS.

So far, investigators say no charges have been filed.