EXCLUSIVE: 911 call of Florida lieutenant's son impersonating officer released

Posted at 10:58 PM, Oct 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-19 12:50:21-04

NewsChannel 5 has exclusively obtained the 911 call made just moments after the Broward County Sheriff’s Office says a now former Palm Beach County sheriff’s cadet pulled over his ex-girlfriend, in his dad’s unmarked patrol car, who is a lieutenant with PBSO.

“I was just pulled over and robbed,” the caller says.

That’s the voice of the man Christopher Combs’ ex-girlfriend was driving around with, when police say Combs pulled them over around 1a.m. Saturday, Oct., 14.


“I believe it was my friend’s ex-boyfriend because the voice sounded exactly like his,” the caller says.

Combs, 22, has worked for PBSO since August last year as a cadet, but is not a sworn law enforcement officer.  His dad, though, is. Lt. David Combs has worked for PBSO since 1989. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office says his son was driving dad’s unmarked PBSO patrol car.

“Any description of the suspect?” the operator asks.

“I did not see. It was like a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s officer car. Ford Taurus.  Undercover,” the caller says.

“I’m not even lying here,” the caller says at a different part of the call.

“Did they have any weapons?” the operator asks.

“I had a gun to the back of my head.”

“I was not able to see them. They told me on the PA system on the car to step out of the vehicle with my hands up, made me get on the ground and told me to get everything out of my pockets and someone came up and took my stuff,” the caller says.

The caller said whoever pulled him over got away with his wallet, dip can and a pocket knife. 

Combs told investigators he recognized the victim’s truck and knew his ex was with him, which made him up upset, so he decided to mess with them. He denied being in his dad’s work car.

A judge put him in house arrest, telling him in court that he isn’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything whatsoever.

PBSO fired Combs from his part-time job Tuesday. His charges include impersonating a law enforcement officer.

His father remains under investigation.