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Seminole man critically injured after being hit by speeding motorcycle while riding his bike

Posted at 7:35 PM, Nov 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 22:08:34-05

SEMINOLE, Fla. — A  Seminole man is going into surgery Friday after being sent to the hospital in critical condition Wednesday night.

The Florida Highway Patrol says 28-year-old Edward Jablon was hit by a motorcycle driven by 25-year-old Anibal De Los Santos. FHP says De Los Santos was speeding when the crash happened.

Jablon’s family says he was on his bike, heading home after working out at the gym when the crash happened.

"You think that you are alone in this world but you have other people’s lives in your hands when you’re on the road,” said Michael Tambussi, who lives near 102nd Avenue. He says that road is nothing to mess with. "Crossing this roadway without using this bridge is a dangerous proposition."

Tambussi says he hears the near misses from his backyard. 

"You hear the screeching tires and you just wait for the crash to happen,” he said it happens mostly at night, motorcycles blow past the 40-mile-per hour speed limit signs. "They are doing some enormous speed’s out there, you hear them they’re like a rocket going off."

"I do not go out onto the main road because I think it’s fairly dangerous,” said Dean Armstrong, who lives nearby. He says people run red lights too.

Crash data shows 16 crashes in 2017 and 16 more in 2018 plus someone died at the intersection of 102nd and 98th in 2015. Neighbors want deputies to pull more people over and hand out more tickets.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's office says if folks have concerns about the safety of intersections, they can report them to the traffic unit sergeant. 

You can call the main non-emergency line at 727-582-6200 and report the issue. If the issue does not fall under their jurisdiction, they can refer you to the appropriate agency.