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County checking on backlog of sidewalk repairs

Posted at 11:18 AM, Jul 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 11:18:35-04

Residents living on Castleford Way in Hillsborough County are concerned about the damaged sidewalks in their neighborhood.

They say people are getting hurt and the county is not moving quick enough to repair the sidewalks. Neighbors tell us they filed a report with the county, but the area is not on the 2018 fiscal year repair and replace plan. People living in the area even went as far as putting up orange tape on all the damaged areas to show just how many problems there are and to keep others from getting hurt.

As part of our mission to Drive Tampa Bay Forward, we reached out to Hillsborough County Public Works to try and determine why this neighborhood is so low on the list.

The public works department says the county has records of several Castleford way addresses dating back to 2015. The county also has a significant backlog of sidewalk repairs in the sidewalk replacement program. Public Works tells ABC Action News that crews will inventory the damaged sidewalks in the Castleford Way area of concern within 30 days and prioritize the damaged areas based on degree of severity.

If you are concerned about a sidewalk in your neighborhood and you live in Hillsborough County, report it here.