Dream job alert: Airline will pay you to travel around the world

Posted at 7:37 AM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-30 07:37:41-04

This is not a drill.

An Iceland-based airline is offering a job to two people who want to fly around the world.

WOW Air is hiring a person and their "best friend" to visit some of the airline's 38 destinations around the world and document their travels in a digital guide.

The job description includes finding the best nightlife, food and local hotspots in places from San Francisco to Paris, Milan, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, London, Dublin, Barcelona and more.

If it sounds too good to be true, the job gets even better because it is paid.

WOW, a budget-friendly airline headquartered in Reykjavík, will pay each of its digital travelers around $4,000 per month, according to reports.

“We are always trying to find new and exciting ways to engage with our demographic," Erla Bjorgheim Palsdottir, marketing manager of WOW air, told "GMA" in a statement.

"This is a fun way to encourage people to be spontaneous and creative," she added. "We truly believe that this amazing opportunity will draw some amazing talent our way.“

The travel guides selected by WOW will stay in a furnished apartment in downtown Reykjavik when they are not jetsetting around the world.

Over the course of 10 weeks, starting on June 1, the two travel guides will be required to take eight trips to random destinations on WOW Air's route, as well as four trips to destinations in Iceland, according to the job description.

The guides will stay in each location for two to four days, with all of their accommodations and activities paid for, while they produce social media content and a digital travel guide for each destination.

WOW Air wants to see what kind of on-screen personality you are before it hires you.

The job application process consists of submitting a two-minute or less video travel guide of your hometown.

Not a bad way to spend your summer!