Victim's family speaking out after Tampa Palms 'neo-Nazi' killings

Family calls victims patriots, not neo-Nazis
Posted at 11:10 PM, May 25, 2017

Family members of two alleged neo-Nazis killed by their roommate in Tampa Palms are speaking out for the first time, offering a new claim over the motive.

Police arrested Devon Arthurs Friday after he admitted to killing his two roommates for disrespecting his recent conversion to Islam. 

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Arthurs told police that he and the victims shared neo-Nazi beliefs until he converted.

Those who knew 22-year-old Jeremy Hilleman and 18-year-old Andrew Oneschuk, both originally from Massachusetts, denounce any allegations of white supremacy ties, claiming Devon Arthurs is smearing their reputations. 

Alyssa Hilleman told WCVB-TV in Boston that Friday night's homicide victims were patriots, not neo-Nazis. 

"To be radical and extremists, that's not my brother," said Himmelman. 

Himmelman's sister claims it was Arthurs who showed hostility toward opposing beliefs, resulting in Friday's deadly shootings. 

They believe the alleged motive stemmed from an argument over the American flag. 

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"Devon likes to use the American flag as a doormat, like when you enter your house," said Himmelman. "They would wipe on it, stomp on it, spit on it. Jeremy and Andrew every morning before work picked up the flag, they hanged it back up, like they loved America."

Arthurs is scheduled to make a court appearance June 12 in Hillsborough County.