Seminole Heights homeowner hopes surveillance video helps police solve murder mystery

Police release new video of 'person of interest'
Posted at 10:46 PM, Oct 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-27 02:18:37-04

ABC Action News interviewed the homeowner who captured a "person of interest" critical, police say, in solving three connected Seminole Heights murder cases.  

"When I put that together myself, I was like 'oh my God.'" 

That surveillance video recorded on October 9 from the 1300 block of Frierson Avenue has become a pivotal clue that investigators say is still their best chance to solving the crime.

Benjamin Mitchell, Monica Hoffa, and Anthony Naiboa were shot to death within 10 blocks in as many days in Southeast Seminole Heights. 

"They wound it back and looked and saw, said 'oh, here he goes walking up the street that way.'"

" target="_blank">Tampa police released an extended version of that surveillance video with new angles Thursday. It shows someone walking east on Frierson Avenue, only a couple houses from North 15th Street, just moments before Mitchell was killed at the number 9 bus stop. 

Cameras from the same home also recorded that person sprinting back in the opposite direction on Frierson Avenue only minutes after Mitchell's death. 

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Police are not calling that person a suspect at this point, but are naming them as a "person of interest." 

"There's definitely more questions than answers about that person," said Brian Clay. 

Clay's family also lives on Frierson Avenue and said he was familiar with the surroundings in the newly-released video. 

"The white fence absolutely stood out as something that I recognize, so it is interesting and a bit scary that it was right near here," said Clay.