Masked robbers steal more than $250,000 in jewelry from Tampa store

Posted at 4:30 AM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-30 07:26:53-05

Tampa Police are investigating a robbery where masked men made off with approximately $250,000 worth of jewelry, according to a search warrant obtained by ABC Action News.

The robbery happened on December 9th, at Gold N Diamonds on East Fowler Avenue. Video shows a woman, who appears to be a customer, get let into the store through a locked door. Two men wearing masks barge in behind her pointing a gun at an employee.

"They had planned it very good. They must have been staking us out for a while." Kokab Arshad, owner of the custom jewelry business, said. "they knew exactly what showcase to go to, exactly what time we put our stuff up."
One of the men is seen shoving jewelry into a duffel bag. The two men and the woman are then seen running out of the store and into a white car.
We are not identifying the suspects because of an ongoing investigation, but the warrant describes one as a repeat offender who was arrested for pawning a stolen bracelet from Gold N Diamonds in May. He was released from jail a day before the December 9th robbery. That man is currently in the Polk County Jail on unrelated charges.
Arshad says they had very few problems in the 4-and-a-half years they've been open, but the robbery was the second blow in one week.
On December 3rd, thieves crashed a car through the front door after hours. At least two people went into the store and smashed several display cases, but almost all of the merchandise was locked in a safe. Still, Arshad says the damage caused cost them about $50,000.
The business is currently undergoing renovations. Arshard expects to be back open within a couple of weeks.