How to fake out a burglar and secure your home on a budget

Cheap tricks and tools to prevent a home break-in
Posted at 10:24 PM, May 18, 2017

Securing your home isn't a cheap endeavor when you add up the cost of security cameras, monthly fees for monitoring an alarm system, and the cost of installing motion sensor lights. We set out to find inexpensive ways to secure your home and give you peace of mind. 

We went to a home in Hillsborough County for the for the least expensive way we discovered to start securing your home. It's a security survey done by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office to find the weak spots on your house that burglars will be looking for. 

"The best part about this home security survey is it's free," says Master Deputy Kevin O'Brien.

O'Brien took us inside to show us how to secure a home for just a few dollars. Sliding window locks can prevent your windows from being pried open by a burglar.

He then took us to the back of the house where O'Brien says burglars will go so not to be seen. To combat that, security experts says grab an old metal or wooden rod to secure your most vulnerable entry point; your sliding glass door.

O'Brien then took us outside where he pointed out the lack of lighting on the sides and back of the house. He also pointed to the shrubs which he says should 3 feet or shorter. 

"So they (a burglar) couldn't crouch down and conceal themselves," says O'Brien

There's also security fake-outs you can order online for just a few dollars. Master Deputy Jerry Carey says they can make a burglar move on to the next house. We found some real-looking security cameras you can mount to your home and above any door. 

"They're like five bucks online. They have a little red light that even blinks," says Carey. 

Can't afford a fancy motion sensor light? We found a $7 solar powered motion sensor light that doesn't require an electrician to install. Just stick it above any door.  And if you can't afford an alarm system, Carey says just putting a security sign in your yard makes burglars move on. 

Last trick, Carey says throw some men's boots by the back door and a big dog bowl by the front door even if you don't have one.  He says burglars don't want a confrontation.