As parents watch little league game, Pasco thief is breaking into their cars

Posted at 10:55 PM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 23:15:20-04

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — New Port Richey Police officers are investigating a brazen theft that took place Wednesday at a little league baseball field, as dozens of parents kept watch over the diamond. 

“It’s a wholesome family place, this is where we come to enjoy our kids," said Stephen Embrey. 

The Embrey family watched their 9-year-old take the field Wednesday night, later discovering a thief was casing the parking lot at the same time. 

“As we were walking up, I noticed the window was missing," said Embrey. "We got closer and I could see there was a lot of glass around the edges and it looked like they had just walked up, busted the window out."

Embrey tells ABC Action News, their Chevy Tahoe was locked and his fiance's purse was hidden between two seats underneath a pair of gym shorts. 

“We lock our cars always, you’re inviting them in if you don’t," said Embrey. "It’s just a shame that it happens, especially at family functions.”

The burglar got away with several credit cards and hundreds of dollars in cash, but that's not what Natasha Ross is most worried about. 

“My driver’s license, my social security card, an iPhone 6s Plus in there as well that has pictures of my kids, my grandkids, videos.”

New Port Richey Police are investigating the theft and checking with other local baseball fields about similar crimes. 

Embrey says another parent has since reported a car burglary happening at another Pasco baseball park. 

"I’ll definitely be mindful of it and take a peek in the parking lot as I’m sitting in the stands from now on," said Embrey. "Hopefully I can deter someone else from getting their stuff stolen.”