Survey: 50% of workers laid off during pandemic lost health insurance

81% still don't have insurance
Posted at 3:39 PM, Sep 28, 2021

A new survey by claims that a significant number of Americans who lost their health insurance and their job remain uninsured.

This is according to a survey of 1,250 Americans who are still unemployed after being laid off during the pandemic.

56% of Americans who remain unemployed since being laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic lost their health insurance along with their job.

Majority of unemployed Millennials, Gen Xers uninsured

The survey indicates that certain age groups are more likely than others to still be uninsured after a pandemic-related job loss. Primarily younger age groups.

"Eighty-six percent of individuals ages 35-44, and 84% of both 25-34 year-olds and 45-54 year-olds remain without health insurance after being laid off. Comparatively, 67% of unemployed individuals ages 18-24, and 58% of those older than 55 are still uninsured."

Ages 25-44 are the most likely to have lost their health insurance.

As you might expect, most people say they don't have insurance because they can't afford it.

A significant amount of Americans are skipping the hospital.

Most Americans would be financially ruined by a medical emergency.


"All data found within this report derives from a survey commissioned by and conducted online by survey platform Pollfish. In total, 1,250 adult Americans who are currently unemployed after being laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic were surveyed. Appropriate respondents were found via a screening question. This survey was conducted on August 16, 2021. All respondents were asked to answer all questions truthfully and to the best of their abilities. For full survey data, please email Julia Morrissey at"