Florida reports 46,923 new coronavirus cases, shattering state daily record

Cumulative infections pass 4 million
Posted at 2:19 PM, Dec 29, 2021

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Florida's 46,923 new daily coronavirus cases shattered the state record for residents amid a surge from the omicron variant and became the third state in the nation to pass 4 million infections, according to data submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and posted Wednesday. Also, hospitalizations have risen to 3,836, the highest in 2 1/2 months.

The previous record was 32,874 posted Saturday. Before the current surge, the record was 27,668 on Aug. 26 during the spike from the delta variant. One day earlier there were 29,059 new cases.

The cumulative total is 4,012,152 behind California with 5,097,398 and Texas with 4,544,437. On Aug. 19, Florida surpassed 3 million and it was March 27 with 2 million and Dec. 2, 2020 for the first million. The first cases were reported in Florida on March 1, 2020.

Generally, at-home rapid tests are not reported nationally.
The state, which stopped issuing daily reports on June 4, didn't give any details on the processing of tests from labs, including whether there was a backlog because of the holiday weekend.

With the omicron spreading worldwide in the past month, Florida's cases have climbed exponentially from 1,947 16 days ago to 3,030, 4,104, 6,835, 8,786, 10,285, 10,108, 10,108, 16,0006, 20,151, 26,763, 31,744, 32,874, 21,040, 17,955, 29,059, 46,923. Twice week a CDC revises new daily cases in data provided by the state.

The last lowest cases daily total was 1,224 on Nov. 27, with the previous 1,191 June 9, 2020.

The weekly rolling daily average is a record 29,479, surpassing 25,655 the day before.

One week ago, 20,`151 cases were reported. Since then 206,358 infections have been reported.

The previous week it was 82,279. So that is a 2.5 times rise.

In the past week, Florida is second behind New York's 288,553 including 190,66 in the city and 87,877 elsewhere. California is third with 138,355, Illinois fourth with 112,285 and New Jersey fifth with 105,575.

On Wednesday, New York reported a national-record 67,090 cases. California's state record is 61,016 on Jan 1 with 20,748 reported Wednesday. Texas' mark is 34,425 on Sept. 8 with an additional 14,286 Wednesday.

Other states setting records are Pennsylvania (17,520, Ohio (20,320), Georgia (19,124), New Jersey (20,483), Massachusetts (16,165), Virginia (12,112), Maryland (10,873), Tennessee (10,193), Louisiana (9,378), Connecticut (7,520), Colorado (7,345), Missouri (7,109), Rhode Island 3,193, Vermont (940), according to research by WPTV. Illinois added 21,098, less than the record 21,131 Friday.

The U.S. overall recorded 431,567 cases, one day after a record 446,072, as some states have been reporting multiple days of data after the holiday weekend, according to the CDC.

Tests reached 876,715 in the past week, which comes to 125,245 daily. The record was 150,587 on Dec. 23 of last year.

Residents' deaths were 62,290. The weekly increase is 125, according to an update Monday, compared with 241 the week before.

In past week, Pennsylvania posted the most new deaths, 585, including 304 on Wednesday, which is the most since the summer. Ohio added 508, followed by Tennessee with 430, Texas with 412, Arizona 403, California 394.

California has the most deaths at 75,629 followed by Texas at 74,401. New York is fourth behind Florida at 59,235.

The CDC reported 2,105 deaths most recently, which is the most since 2,230 Oct. 8.

All seven South Florida counties' level of coronavirus transmission are listed as high, according to the CDC.

Positivity rates are 27.35 in Broward County, 24.77% in Miami-Dade 21.01% in Palm Beach County, 17.99% in Martin, 17.75 in St. Lucie, 13.87 in Okeechobee, 8.58 in Indian River,

Hospitalizations also are rising. In one day in Florida, they went up 688 to 3,836, the most since 3,945 on Oct. 9. The previous day the rise was 742. One week ago there were 1,849 so the amount has more than doubled.

The record low is 1,228 Nov. 29 with the highest 17,295 Aug. 29.

Of the 231 hospitals reporting, 7.22% of the available beds are occupied with coronavirus patients. The total beds in use: 41,396 (76.58%).

In the U.S.. hospitalizations rose to 84,631 (12.17%) from 71,298 in one day. During the height of the delta surge hospitalizations surpassed 100,000.