Clearwater neighbors want empty lot cleaned up

Illegal dumping in North Greenwood neighborhood
Posted at 5:50 PM, Apr 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-03 17:50:53-04

"They'll throw anything out there. It doesn't even matter,” said Chico Dacity.

Chico Dacity's neighbor isn't friendly.

"I see a lot of dumping over there,” he said.

They're not neat either.

"I don't understand why people would dump their trash over there and just leave it like that you know. It makes our neighborhood look bad,” he said.

The lot across the street, 1134 Tangerine Street in Clearwater, might as well be the city dump --- that's how some are treating it.

"Big mice,” said North Greenwood neighbor Joe Williams.

"Take it low down. Make it look like the junkyard,” said Williams

The lot's owned by an absent landlord out of Miami under the business name, James 1, LLC., who we tried to contact through his Dunedin attorney to no avail.

"They've identified the land owner. They've posted it,” said Clearwater Vice Mayor Bill Jonson.

Jonson says the city has reached out to the landlord too.

The trash pile is always changing from construction materials, to TV's, to yard trash.

"They see all the trash, stuff, tires and TVs, so they drop their's off too,” said Williams who’s watched passersby dump stuff for years here.

Jonson says he's pitching a solution to get the lot cleaned-up once and for all.

"It's possible we might do something like we do for graffiti where if we see it, we correct it and then bill the property owner,” he said.

A solution neighbors say they've been waiting months for.

"It's the Greenwood area, I mean we're already down and it's messed up that people would treat your community like that," said Dacity.