Citrus County coast braces for storm surge from Hurricane Michael

Posted at 7:48 PM, Oct 08, 2018

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. — People in Citrus County are getting prepared as the path of Michael looks all too familiar to a hurricane that flooded thousands of homes just two years ago.

"It was coming up real fast and I said, uh-oh," said Paul Bissonnette who says during Hurricane Hermine nearly four feet of water entered his yard. 

In 2016 Hurricane Hermine caused feet of storm surge to flood communities along Citrus County’s coast, and with Hurricane Michael's projected path to be very similar, people are taking it very seriously.

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The county is preparing thousands of sandbags and schools are already closing to open as shelters. The county has already declared Zone "A" as a mandatory evacuation zone.

"I’m fourth generation Floridian and we don’t wait till the last minute," said James Fowler of Crystal River.

Fowler is stocking up on water, food, and gas like he always does when there’s hurricane.

"If news agencies tell you to evacuate an area, get out," said Fowler.

As for Bissonnette, he’s gassed up and ready to leave if need be, but isn't bothering to sandbag his 100-year-old home.

"Unless you sandbag four feet high, it’s impossible," said Bissonnette.