Cable and satellite customers fed up with raising rates, new technology makes cutting the cord easy

Posted at 11:28 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 19:41:58-04

A prolonged outage led Taylor Eshleman to turn off cable for good.

She cut the cord and plugged in Apple TV. It is a $130 streaming device that provides access to movies and network programing via Netflix, Hulu and a few free channels. And for $20 a month the Sling TV app gets her access to live sports. Eshleman says she is saving $30 a month.

How to lower your cable bill in 3 easy steps

Cord cutter and Best Buy employee Jim Murphy recommends the Roku box another popular streaming device. Both the Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick costs $50 for the base models. You can stream some network channels for free and pay around $10 a month to access Netflix or Hulu.

Remember rabbit ears? Whether you go with rabbit ears or the amplified antennas these things can pick up all of the networks free of monthly charge for about a $30 one time investment.

Rising rates forced Alice Benefiel and her husband to ditch cable 4 years ago.They save $50 a month using their Play Station and Chromecast to stream all of their favorite shows and movies.

Dumping cable or Fios or satellite TV isn’t for everyone but with the growing menu of cheaper options making the switch is less painful than ever.

Before you make the permanent break sign up for a free trial of some of the subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Pretend you don't have cable for a week to see just how much you miss or don't miss about your current service aside from the bill.



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