Bright green bike lane painted in Temple Terrace hopes to raise rider safety

Posted at 4:25 AM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 07:27:54-04

It's bright and noticeable and the group that painted is hopes it will save lives.

"Even if it's just one life saved - it's a positive thing," said Gena Torres, an executive planner at Metropolitan Planning Organization.




The temporary green paint is on Bullard Parkway in Temple Terrace as you cross over the Hillsborough River. It's a high traffic area and emergency vehicles use it a lot too when responding to calls. But Torres says many bicyclists use the bike lane along that stretch too.

"A lot of those people, who are really the ones getting hit and killed on our roads, are really dependent on their bike to get around," she said.

It's one reason they wanted to test out the green paint to see if it makes drivers more aware.

But why green? It's not just because it's bright, but it's also the only color approved by the Federal Highway Administration to paint in a bike lane.

Because the color is temporary, it's also non-toxic and will eventually wash away but Torres wants to make it permanent. Even make the lane a half an inch wider which would in tern narrow the west bound travel lane by that much.  But first,

Torres says they'd like to see how it looks, if it works and if the public likes it.

Plan Hillsborough has a feature on its website, where you can take note of traffic safety concerns in your neighborhood - click here to report an issue.