Say cheese, boys & girls! How to take great first-day-of-school pictures

Posted: 4:35 AM, Aug 10, 2017
Updated: 2017-08-10 15:42:52-04
How to take great back-to-school pictures
How to take great back-to-school pictures

Moms love ’em, kids loathe ’em, and social media – especially Facebook – is going to be overloaded with ’em starting today.

Yep, it’s time for back-to-school pictures, that first-day rite of passage. You want to have some of the best ones on social help? We can help!

Tampa photographer Penny Rogo, owner of MamaRazzi Foto , offers pro advice for Moms and Dads hoping to best capture those magic moments:

  1. GET ON THEIR LEVEL: “Get down on their level. You want to be at their eye level; your camera or your cellphone just above their eyes. This goes for children and pets if you want to get the dog in there, too.”
  2. BEATING THE FIRST-DAY JITTERS: “Talk to them. Don’t [yell] ‘Smile! I told you to smile!’ You want to say something funny, like ‘fuzzy pickles.’ Something to get them laughing, giggling.”
  3. FIND THE LIGHT & USE YOUR FLASH, EVEN OUTSIDE: “Look for the light that’s hitting their face. You want the sun behind you. Also, turn on your flash [outside], which most people don’t know. You catch light in their eyes.”
  4. SCHOOL SIGNS: “Don’t have them right up against the sign. You want them to be a ways back from the sign. So it’s not some little kid up against a big sign.”
  5. TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT: “Have [two kids] go back-to-back, or waving goodbye as they walking into school. Or have them jump up like they’re so excited about school.”
  6. CRYING IS COOL, TOO: “If the little ones are headed to school for the first time, and they’re boo-hooing, that’s okay. Those are the [pictures] that are going to be the most precious.”