Hillsborough County's newest elementary school in Riverview touted as 'School of the Future'

Warren Hope Dawson Elementary is newest school
Posted at 8:53 AM, Aug 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 18:12:33-04

Hillsborough County is already the ninth largest school district in the entire country and on Thursday it is growing even larger as it welcomes a new addition in Riverview, Florida. 

Warren Hope Dawson Elementary School is the county's only brand new school this school year. 

With all of the recent growth in Southern Hillsborough County, the school is a very welcome sight. 

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The school will help prevent overcrowding at some of the other elementary schools in the area. 

The elementary school is located at 12961 Boggy Creek Drive in Riverview. See the school on the map below:

Principal Derrick McLaughlin told ABC Action News that he wanted to build a "school of the future." He did just that, including new technology, a "robotics lab," a high tech media center and even 3D printers.

The school is named for the highly celebrated civil rights attorney Warren 'Hope' Dawson, who helped de-segregate local schools, and wants to support kids success no matter their background.



Ashley Wiese, the Assistant Principal says Thursday is going to be real special for all of them.

"It's exciting because it’s new for all of us. We’re all brand new. The first teacher to sit in that desk, or the first child to sit in their desk. It's a once in a lifetime experience. And I think the students are going to be wowed by how big a deal it is."

500 students walked through the doors on Thursday morning and in a few years, they expect nearly 1,000 students to pack the hallways and classrooms. 

The school district says they're expecting a lot more growth in Southern Hillsborough County. They're expecting to have to build many more elementary schools in the years to come.