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High school seniors organize major school supply drive for teachers, children in need

Donations will benefit the Hillsborough Education Foundation
Posted at 4:40 PM, Sep 06, 2021

TAMPA, Fla. — Seniors at King High School in Tampa organized a major school supply drive for teachers and children in need. They're three best friends on a major mission.

Onella Moitra, Toluwa Ajani and Emma Bennett are seniors at King High School in Tampa.

Emma's mother is a teacher and recently told the young women of the yearly demand on educators everywhere to spend their own money filling the gaps of classroom supplies.

Crayons, paper, backpacks and now, especially, sanitation supplies and sanitizer are all in demand.

So these three remarkable young women decided to do something about it in a big way and hit the town for donations and locations for their "Road to Success School Supply Drive" dropboxes.

The project has been an overwhelming success.

"This journey has been such a roller coaster," says Toluwa.

"We heard a lot of nos," says Onella. "A lot of businesses told us no. But we endured those no's in order to hear one yes."

The project is benefitting the Hillsborough Education Foundation, a nonprofit that makes sure local students have all the necessary needs in order to get a good education.

In the four months, the "Road to Success" women have been hard at work, they've managed to stuff numerous boxes with essential supplies, and convince such major chains as Staples and Target to lend a significant hand as well.

"We're just really immensely grateful to our community for standing up and giving back," says Toluwa.

If you would like to help the women on their mission, the best way is to directly contact the Hillsborough Education Foundation.