Helping students dress for success

Posted at 4:52 AM, Aug 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-08 06:59:38-04

For many families in the Bay Area, back-to-school time can be really stressful, because they do not have enough money to get everything their kids need, including clothes. The "Clothes to Kids" stores in Pinellas County help kids in low-income families dress for success.

Nana Stevenson raises several of her grandchildren and she understands the importance of making sure kids feel good about themselves. She brings her grandchildren to the Clothes for Kids store to get new clothing for school.

"This is a blessing because a lot of people can't afford to buy these things. It's a gold mine with some platinum in there," said Stevenson.

The Clothes to Kids store is where low-income or "in-crisis" children can receive new and quality used clothing, free of charge.

Jennifer Jacobs is the Development Director at Clothes to Kids. She explained that the store is different because of the quality of the clothing and the name brands.

"Cloth a child, change a life ... one thing we always says is if we [organizers] wouldn't put it on our kids, then it doesn't go out on our floor," said Jacobs.

"The kids will be able to go to school and have all the fashions the other kids have so they will blend in. They won't stick out," said Stevenson.

Twice a year, kids can get a weeks worth of clothing that includes: five new pairs of underwear, five new pairs of socks, five tops, four bottoms, one dress, one pair of shoes, and one jacket. This gives children a lot of options to mix-and-match so they can feel confident went going back to school.

"This is just the frosting on the cake, but it helps the kids to feel good," said Stevenson.

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Clothing Donation Guidelines

  • Children's Clothes
    • Girls and boys sizes 4 to 16
  • Adult Size Clothing (that teens & pre-teens would wear)
    • Young women sizes 0 to 22
    • Young men sizes 18 to 44
  • New underwear & socks (must be in unopened packages)
  • Shoes
    • Children's size 9 to adult
  • Bras, belts, purses, hats, jewelry, and backpacks

Do Not Need

  • Used underwear or socks
  • Athletic uniforms or equipment
  • Toys or books
  • Used pajamas or swimsuits
  • Excessively worn clothing
  • Baby/toddler clothing
  • Prom/homecoming dresses
  • Hangers