Helping kids transfer from summer fun to morning school routine

Posted at 2:57 AM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 07:39:40-04

A typical summer vacation morning at the Carroll household means relaxing to the smell of breakfast cooking. In less than two weeks that morning routine is going to take a 180 degree turn.

The dreaded "back-to-school" alarm will sound.

Elementary school student Hannah Carroll laughed.

"I try to stop it and then two seconds later it keeps going," said Hannah.

Tari Connell is the Managing Officer of School Social Work for Pinellas County Schools. She explains establishing a consistent bedtime and a morning routine now is key to a successful start of school.

"Getting up, getting dressed right away, get a good nutritious breakfast ... I think that is very important ... obviously brush their teeth," said Connell.

Michelle Carroll, a mother of two active elementary school kids, says she lays out a week's worth of clothing just to make it that much easier in the morning.

Connell also believes this is the time to try and get children back in the "learning mode."

"Maybe getting a 'fun' book right now just to kind of get back into the habit of reading, studying, and doing things like that," said Connell.

She also suggested doing basic math facts and doing a work book if possible.

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