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Experts weigh in on how to help kids adjust to new back-to-school schedule after summer break

Doctors recommend kids go to sleep, wake earlier
Posted at 4:50 AM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 05:26:38-04

TAMPA, Fla. — Transitioning kids back into a back-to-school routine can be tough after a summer break filled with fun and late nights.

ABC Action News is committed to helping your family get prepared for the transition before students head back into the classroom.

Dr. Valerie McClain, a child psychologist based out of Tampa, says the most important thing parents can do is help establish a new routine prior to the end of summer break.

This includes having kids go to bed earlier about a week before they go back to school and also having them wake up a little closer to when they will when they go back to class.

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Doctors recommend limiting sugary snacks and caffeine a few hours before bedtime.

McClain also recommends establishing a quiet time about an hour before bed so kids can wind down and prepare to go to sleep.

Doctors also recommend limiting screen time for about an hour or so before bedtime, as screens can keep kids awake for longer, studies show.