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Video released in police killing of Black man holding phone

ColumbusShooting Andre Hill
Posted at 2:59 PM, Dec 24, 2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio — COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Authorities in Columbus, Ohio, have released police body camera footage showing the moments early Tuesday when an officer on a nonemergency call fatally shot a Black man who was holding a cellphone as he emerged from a garage.

Warning: the video in this story is graphic in nature and contains scenes that some may find disturbing.

The video released Wednesday shows the Columbus officer approaching an open garage and the man walking along a car out of the garage.

The man, identified as Andre' Maurice Hill, is holding up the phone in his left hand.

The officer fires and Hill drops to the ground.

The officer is then heard yelling at Hill to move his hands to the side and to roll over.

The officer, Adam Coy, and a female officer responded to a call from the neighborhood that reported a vehicle running in the street on and off for an extended period of time, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

The officers did not have their body cameras turned on at the time of the shooting, however the Columbus Dispatchreports the cameras have a 60-second "look back" feature that captures 60-seconds of video, no audio, before a camera is turned on.

The video released Thursday indicates the officer turned on the body camera immediately after the shooting.

Columbus police confirmCoy has been relieved of duty as of Tuesday afternoon.