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National Guard troops leave U.S. capital following Trump’s order

National Guard troops leave U.S. capital following Trump’s order
Posted at 3:54 PM, Jun 07, 2020

Dozens of National Guard troops from South Carolina were seen checking out of their Washington, D.C., hotel shortly before President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday he was giving the order to withdraw guard forces from the nation’s capital.

Trump ordered guard troops into D.C. to “dominate” the streets after some protests over the killing of George Floyd turned violent. The city’s mayor called on Trump last week to withdraw outside forces amid days of largely peaceful protests.

Newly named Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House is full of peaceful protesters and has the communal feeling of a street fair during Sunday protests.

Federal law enforcement officers and National Guard members who had been out in force for a week have largely withdrawn and have been replaced by city police in Washington, D.C., who have blocked off adjacent roads to give demonstrators space.

The jingles of ice cream trucks are mixing with protest chants. Protesters are posing with the new sign the city painted in big yellow block letters on 16th Street that reads “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”