3 important tips to protect your identity online

Posted at 7:31 AM, Oct 05, 2015

Whether you're online dating or talking to some random person on the web, you need to watch out for catfish! Those are people who steal other people’s pictures and pose as them online!

Good news, The List’s Bradley Hasemeyer has a trick to help you catch em’ and that’s just one way we’re protecting your online identity, on the Breakdown.

Google Image Search

This nifty tool allows you to see where a picture has been and who is in it. Just drag and drop the picture into the search field and Google will tell you every place it sees that picture on the Internet. Perfect for catching Catfish and tracking where your own image has been used.

Blur Google Street View

Sometimes Google street view cars snap photos of your face or license plate – info that you might want to hide. Google allows you to blur these things. Just find the street view image you’d like to blur, click the three dots in the upper left corner, and report a problem.

Two-Step Authentication

This works like a pin number does for your debit card. Set it up with your banking, email or social media account. Now any changes will require a passcode to be typed in. That code is randomly generated and sent to your smart phone as verification that it’s you.