Sick of your job? Here are three things to consider when making a job switch

Mega Job Fair at Steinbrenner Field today
Posted at 4:25 AM, Apr 26, 2017

Travis Owen is a classic -- some may even say tragic -- case of being "underemployed." That is, someone who is discouraged and unemployed or involuntarily part-time.

He has a degree in biomedical science. He's getting a master's degree in biotechnology. "My dream would be in health care, utilizing the education that I've gotten so far in genetics and microbiology," says the 35-year-old. 




Travis is extremely smart; his skills are specialized.

And he's an Uber driver, currently parked in the Cell Phone Lot at Tampa International Airport.

But Travis is passionate. And passion is the No. 1 factor when considering a job switch or a new place of employment.

In other words: How bad do you really want it?

"It's one of my favorite questions to ask a candidate," says Miranda Tegtmeier, a talent acquisition specialist at Healthesystems, one of 40 companies at today's Mega Job Fair at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. "See what they're passionate about, what drives them."

Besides passion, there are other key factors to consider when considering a new job or contemplating leaving an old job for a new climate:

TOTAL COMPENSATION PACKAGE: Salary matters but also consider benefits, bonuses, retirement savings. 

SKILL GROWTH & PROMOTION: Is there more room for growth and promotion than at your current job.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: A company's social media personality says a lot about them. Make sure to check that out.

Other factors to consider: vacation time, commute time and "the hate effect" (do you hate your current job so much you're rushing your decision to move into another one?)

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