How to smartly quit your job and chase your dream occupation

Posted at 4:10 AM, Sep 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-01 06:49:54-04

After years and very good pay in the medical industry, Pam DiMuccio of St. Petersburg finally had to answer her lifelong true calling: Becoming a personal chef.

She got her first kitchen knife at age 12. She waited another thirty-eight years before making it her profession.

“At 50, if I didn’t do it now, I’d never do it,” said DiMuccio. “Giving up everything to go into personal chef-ing, it’s a huge risk.”

More Americans have quit their jobs this year since 2001 to chase their dreams.

Pam’s company, Home Plate, does everything from cater dinner parties to sell ready-made picnic baskets. It is a great example on how to make a smart job transition.

There is always some risk whether you are starting your own business or making a career switch. There are ways to make smart decisions before doing anything rash:

  • Talk to friends, family members. “I talked to my wife,” said DiMuccio. “That was the first thing, because it’s a family affair.”
  • Long-term financial planning. Talk to adviser, lawyers. “What can we spend every month and what can we avoid spending every month,” said DiMuccio.
  • Research, especially with people “who have done it before,” said DiMuccio. She met with personal chefs, caterers and restaurant owners.
  • Social media is a great resource. Not just for research, but also a free way to test your brand.
  • Visualize your new schedule, especially if you’re becoming your own boss.

Here are four resources you can use when deciding whether to change jobs:

  1. How to change jobs:
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  3. 1 Million Cups:
  4. Factors to consider before changing jobs: