Ways to save money on your holiday lighting in Tampa Bay

Posted at 4:58 PM, Dec 05, 2016
The holidays are a time where you’re probably spending more money than you would any other month. So, clipping coupons and finding the best deals may be at the top of your list. 



If you plan on decorating your house, there are also ways to cut costs without cutting any of your décor. 

TECO Energy says one thing to consider is investing in energy-efficient LED lights. They tested out their theory that this could save you money, too. Side by side, they ran 600 LED lights and 600 non-LED lights on a 6-foot tree.
The tree stayed lit 6 hours a day for a month. They found that the non-LED mini-lights cost about $4.50. The LED cost $.60. That’s an 86% savings. We compared the costs of the actual lights. The LEDs do tend to a little bit more expensive, however. 
If you have your lights on a timer, you may also save some money on your electric bill. Having your lights run only for a few hours, rather than all night will help cut costs. 
Some items are also battery powered. The batteries should last the whole Holiday season, too.