Where to find work from home jobs in Tampa Bay

Posted at 4:35 PM, Mar 04, 2016

We spent the last week visiting at home workers in their home offices and interviewing the higher ups that are in charge of the work at home staff.

Both sides agree the pros outweigh the cons, but these jobs are not for everyone.

Registered Nurse Carolyn Carastro says there's no place she'd rather work. Three years ago, Humana offered Carastro the chance to work from home.

This full timer spends her days following up on patients and their caregivers via phone and computer. She feels there are less distractions, so she gets more done at home than in the office.

The one drawback? A sense of isolation from spending every day all day home alone.

Carastro is one of 1300 Humana employees who work from home. The company tells us it is a win-win as they don’t have the overhead if all these people worked in an office.

Ed Peachy who heads up WorkNet Pinellas says workers should consider whether work at home is the best career move when it comes to moving up the ladder.

Stacy Salmon works in customer service for the Home Shopping Network.

For 10 years running, the part time gig has enabled Salmon to spend more time with her family and her online jewelry business.  She loves the fact she can save time on doing her hair and make up daily.

HSN launched their work from home program with 20 people more than a decade ago. Now, the company employees some 1500 work at home employees in four states.

The jobs range from part-time to full-time and the pay for most positions runs between $12 - $14 an hour.

Humana's work force is primarily made up of registered nurses and case managers. They would not provide a salary range other than to say it is competitive.

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