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Trash company takes action after complaints about service in New Port Richey

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 18:35:01-04

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — It's hard to imagine getting anxious about garbage pick-up until you see what was captured on video.

One of the homeowner’s in the Odom Road area of New Port Richey said a garbage truck passed his house repeatedly without emptying his trash bin.

Rick, who does not want his last name used, showed us the video captured by his home surveillance system. He said what the camera picked up on June 21 prompted him to make a call for action.

In the video, the Waste Connections worker dumps just one of Rick’s two trash bins. Then it appears as if he reaches back into the dump truck and pulls out a 5-gallon bucket that he leaves at Rick’s curb.

We found other complaints involving Waste Connections on Google Reviews and the Next Door neighborhood app. We contacted the company to ask how they are responding to these customer concerns.

In an email, a district manager explained:

“As the District Manager for Waste Connections in Pasco County for the past 32 years, I assure you that we take all of our customers’ concerns very seriously. I have personally reached out to each of these customers, heard their concerns and have implemented a plan of action to address their issues to prevent any further occurrences.

These issues are relative to a single route and we have made some personnel and routing changes that will mitigate our customer's concerns permanently. As a public service, we have also sent out recycling information out to the residents on Odom Road for anyone who may care to participate in moving forward.

We have been servicing Pasco County residents since 1972 and I have been here since 1986. We service well over 80,000 customers in Pasco County, have a great working relationship with County personnel and have maintained an excellent reputation for our service.

Most importantly, we recognize the importance of providing world-class service and fostering relationships with our customers.

Thank you for bringing these matters to our attention.”

Rick confirmed that the company called him to notify him of the changes being made.