Top scams to watch out for in 2017

Bad guys finding new ways to steal from you
Posted at 6:41 PM, Jan 10, 2017

Polk County resident Sherry Gorthy fell for the number one rip-off in the country.

So far the IRS scheme cost Gorthy and thousands of other consumers more than $30 million. Most now know the IRS will never call. So this year look for phony letters notifying people they owe back taxes.

The IRS scam may be the biggest imposter fraud but bogus notices involving a virus on your computer and missing jury duty  are predicted to make the rounds this year as well. The jury duty notice tricked Temple Terrace business owner Debbie Bishop.

A man who identified himself as a deputy with docket and judge information informed her she’d missed jury duty and owed a fine.

Anytime you are hit with an unsolicited call, email or letter look up the real number for the agency  to confirm.

Beware of another new trend, typosquatting.

If you regularly pay bills or check balances online watch your spelling. The bad guys have purchased commonly mistyped domain names with the hope you'll put in your password and login so they can gain access to your account.  Protect yourself by bookmarking financial sites.

Be on the lookout for smarter phishing scams.

The bogus emails look like they are coming from your bank, credit card or utility company. Instead of clicking on that link open a new browser and go directly to the real website.