Family pays for kitchen remodeling but contractor never returns to finish job

Family had no cabinets or sink for four months
Posted at 5:38 PM, Jul 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-19 17:38:29-04

A box in the living room serves as their pantry. More cardboard boxes hold the cutlery. The Holmes family knew they'd be eating out or on plastic in the absence of a sink or any cabinets. But they never imagined living like this for four months.

According to a contract signed Feb. 20, Michael Holmes paid almost $8,000 of the $9,400 agreement upfront. In return, The Cabinet Place guaranteed to install new cabinets and finish the kitchen remodel by or before May 1.

But we found the kitchen still missing its sink and cabinets in mid-June.

Michael Holmes said the company told him repeatedly he was next on the list but no one ever came back to finish the job.

We reached out to the owner. Days later The Cabinet Place showed up and installed all of the wall cabinetry along with the kitchen sink.

"We were trying to expedite the finish of several jobs that have gotten backed up, and we are trying to expedite the doors from the door manufacturer in order to get them finished as soon as possible," The Cabinet Place owner explained in an email.

We emailed the owner again Monday and he said they would be out again to finish the job Thursday. For the Holmes family, it can't be soon enough.