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Tampa woman says medical services reinstated after ABC Action News investigation

Tampa woman says medical services reinstated after ABC Action News investigation
Posted at 10:27 PM, May 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 23:13:46-04

TAMPA, Fla. — Lyn Hunt spent part of her Friday afternoon laughing, singing, and playing the piano.

The selection? "Victory is Mine" by Dorothy Norwood — a song characterized by its message of overcoming.

After the last seven months, it's easy to see why Hunt's joy feels contagious.

ABC Action News first introduced her in April, when she was struggling to get someone to flush out the medical port she has in her chest.

"It has to be by a skilled nurse which my doctor wrote that on many letters," Hunt said in April. "Someone who is not skilled cannot do a port and if you don't flush it every month it can get clogged or it can get an infection which could potentially kill me."

She had been getting service from an AdventHealth home care nurse for the last five years, but then late last year her services were canceled. After some digging through her medical records, ABC Action News found an apparent miscommunication between her provider and her health insurance led to the cancellation.

Since that first story aired, Hunt said she heard from a Humana case manager.

"She kept calling me back, finally she called me back and said, 'We got somebody who will do your port,'" she said.

She had her first appointment with that new home health provider Friday.

"The nurse came out and she did the assessment, all that stuff and so officially, today I'm in," she said.

It's a victory that Hunt says wouldn't have come without speaking up.

"No matter what your status in life, you've got to be your own advocate don't let people tell you 'No.' And don't be afraid to speak out," she said.

Hunt also said she still hasn't gotten a clear answer on why her services with AdventHealth were canceled in the first place. She added she's going to keep pushing for an explanation.