Tampa matchmaker disappoints dozens of clients

Women say they did not get what they paid for
Posted at 11:52 PM, Sep 12, 2016

A Palm Harbor woman found dead ends in the bars and online then this St. Petersburg banker discovered Tampa Singles.

She describes the sales pitch as high pressure and says the sales person told her she would be matched with smart, sexy financially stable men.

She shelled out $4,500 for 7 dates. She expected under 40, professional and attractive but says that's not what she got. She claims the first date did not have a valid driver’s license.

And she says she told Tampa Singles she did not care for red heads but date number two turned out to be one. Several customers told us the company did not provide profile pictures before the date.

Another woman who lives in Palm Harbor paid Tampa Singles $6,995 for 14 dates. This widow said the first date had cancer and was moving to Mexico and number 2 met none of her requested physical attributes.

Her biggest complaint, the match maker could only come up with 3 dates in 5 months.

We went through the fine print in both of the contracts. Tampa Singles does not make any guarantees in writing about the quality of their match making services only that they will provide those services and there is no refund policy. No one from the company would go on camera but they did answer our questions in writing.

"Tampa Singles seriously considers each and every client complaint, and we continually review and revise our operating procedures to improve the services we provide. Tampa Singles has been in discussions with (client). We steadfastly assert that Dee received the services we contracted to provide, and the positive feedback she gave us after meeting prospects we referred to her, supports our position. We shall continue our sincere attempts to resolve her issues."

Tampa Singles did offer the client a $1,500 refund which she refused. As far as the first complaint, Tampa Singles says they would continue to provide matchmaker services until all the introductions were delivered.

The Better Business Bureau put out an alert on the business after receiving 36 complaints in the last 3 years. But Tampa Singles points out it has thousands of clients.

As for these clients they've lost faith in the matchmaker’s ability to find anyone they'd actually consider for a second date.

They learned that regardless of what is said during the sales pitch there are no guarantees to fall back on if they are not conveyed in the contract.