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Tampa Bay homeowner relied on warranty to cover and fix appliances and went a month without a stove

Is a home warranty a good idea? It depends.
Posted at 4:15 PM, Jan 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-08 18:26:05-05

PASCO COUNTY — Pasco County homeowner Carol Basteiro takes care of her disabled husband full time. She relies on their stove to keep the couple fed. Their 11-year-old Electrolux died in early November. Basteiro figured her Sears Home Warranty would take care of the repair in a matter of days, as they have in the past. But not this time.

Technicians had trouble finding just the right parts and by Thanksgiving the couple was stuck with a non-working stove. “I couldn't cook anything on my stove at all I couldn't even turn on the burners,” Basteiro said.

When it comes to home warranties veteran south Tampa property manager Chib Anderson says they are not for everyone.
“It is a waste of money if you want something done immediately,” she said.

Anderson says warranty companies rely on certain vendors and policyholders are at the mercy of those vendors’ schedules. She also advises against warranties for newer appliances that may not need repairs for years or that are already covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. “A warranty is not going to help you if your appliances are less than a year or two years old,” she said.

Before buying a home warranty consider stashing the money a contract would cost and using it to pay for future repairs. And be sure to check reviews as not all home warranty companies are created equal.

As for the Basteiros, eating take out got to be expensive so they made a call for action to ABC Action News in December. After hearing their story Jackie Callaway reached out to Sears on the couple’s behalf.

A spokesperson responded in an email: “We have agreed to issue a check to Ms. Basteiro in lieu of a replacement. We apologize for the delay and appreciate her being a loyal customer.”