Sick patient loses her health insurance through no fault of her own

Mix up left her short on life saving medicine
Posted at 11:07 AM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 11:33:27-04

Health coverage plays a vital role in Ida Anderson's life. She suffers from chronic illnesses and simply can't afford to go without her medicine. Diabetic and dealing with high blood pressure Anderson said the call from her pharmacy came as a shock.

This patient says CVS and not her insurance company informed her that her coverage had lapsed in spite of the fact the couple had made their payments.

Days later the Andersons received notice of policy termination letters from the health insurance marketplace and Humana.  The explanations didn't add up.

The Health Care Marketplace states Anderson failed to turn in certain documents.

Eugene Anderson made countless phone calls to both Humana and the Marketplace but no one it seemed could help or tell him what went wrong.

Anderson was running out of meds critical to controlling her blood pressure and diabetes. After hearing their story we took Anderson’s case to Humana's spokesperson Mitch Lubitz.

Within days Humana reached out to the couple and reinstated Ida's policy.

Humana won't comment on an individual's policy but they do encourage customers who run into an issue with their own coverage to visit one several customer service locations they have here in the bay area.

For a complete list of Humana’s Tampa Bay retail locations, visit: