Homeowner at a loss when roofer leaves leaks

Posted at 6:31 PM, Feb 16, 2016

South Tampa tailer Toan Tran could not imagine the fall out after he signed a contract with a licensed roofer. And it couldn't have happened at a worse time.

Tran showed us where the water leaked into his home. He had to make repairs himself to keep the rain from running down the walls inside his kitchen.

The water damaged the floor and at one point caused a portion of the ceiling to cave. All of this took place after Tran paid Brink Roofing $10,000 to reroof his home.

He estimates he called them 100 times but says the roofer never returned to make repairs. The rain leaked in for days, just one room away from where Tran's wife of 46 years lay dying of cancer.

The contract shows the couple paid Brink Roofing in April. We contacted Brink Roofing's home office in Jacksonville last month after looking over Tran’s roof and contract.

One week later the company came out and made repairs.

Tran had no idea he could have complained to the county's building services office since a permit was pulled on the job or the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which regulates contractors in Florida. He could have also turned to Hillsborough County Consumer Protection for mediation.

While the company did fix the roof, it didn't give us a comment other than to confirm the contractor that worked on Trans roof has been fired for similar issues.

To reach the Department of Business and Professional Regulation click here.

To file a complaint with Hillsborough Consumer Protection click here.