Why victims of robo calls could get big money

Posted at 7:09 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 19:09:55-05

Pastor Myra who leads Largo Jesus Saves Christian Center says she's a student of the bible which never required her to take out any student loans.

Pastor Myra's trouble started in 2014 when her phone literally started ringing morning noon and night. The caller turned out to be Navient, a large debt collector of student loans.

Pastor Myra's Attorney Billy Howard of the Consumer Protection Law Firm says Navient Solutions called his client up to 11 times a day over the course of a year. The lawsuit accuses Navient of pulling Pastor Myra’s cell phone number off a church document from 1999.

So what did they want? The debt collector was looking for Pastor Myra’s daughter. But the Pastor says she’s never signed for a student loan for her daughter and has never taken one out for herself.

The suit seeks a million dollars and accuses Navient of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act which protects consumers from robo calls on their cell phone.

The case set for trial in may. We reached out to Navient several times. They finally responded saying they do not comment on pending litigation. The Consumer Protection Law Firm is based in Tampa and specializes in debt collector harassment.