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Pandemic expected to make back-to-school shopping online event this year

Americans expected to spend more than $100 billion
Posted at 10:10 AM, Aug 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-08 15:01:10-04

The pandemic is expected to make back-to-school shopping more of an online event this year. Still, the National Consumer Federation predicts American consumers will spend a record $101 billion on everything from pencils to laptops.

Heather Brickell, a mother of two and the blogger behind My Sweet Savings, said she shopped almost exclusively online for her son's school supplies.

She said parents can save big this year without ever stepping foot into a store. Brickell told ABC Action News she found great deals at Staples and took advantage of free shipping with no minimum purchase.

"I found these one-inch binders for like $1.74,” said Brickell, who also stocked up at Staples on filler paper at $0.75 a pack.

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Brickell said shoppers can use curbside pickup at Walmart for other back-to-school items, including small whiteboards, which cost $1.88 each at the big box retailer.

The money-saving expert, who says she spent a total of $50 on her supply list, suggests those who are still going out to buy groceries can find buy one, get one deals at Publix.

When it comes to school clothes, some retailers, including Old Navy and Target, are selling boys and girls polos for $4 and $5.

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“The best deal I’ve found for masks is at Target,” said Brickell. “You can get a two-pack for $4.”

Those who choose e-learning for their kids and are in need of laptops and other electronics may wind up spending the most on back-to-school items.

Still, there are deals to be found, including a $189 Chromebook sold at Best Buy.

Back-to-school shoppers can make sure to get the most for their dollar during Florida’s tax-free holiday, which runs from Aug. 7 to Aug. 9. It covers individual school supplies under $15, clothes, shoes and backpacks under $60 as well as computers and tablets priced under $1,000.

Parents can also get tips from Brickell’s back-to-school price point list.