The most effective way to deflect a robo call

Posted at 9:08 AM, Dec 15, 2015

Maeve DeHetre felt hunted in her own home. She says robo callers targeted her number 10 times per day. Hunter Giambra, who runs his business Running Fox technologies out of his house, says nothing he's tried has worked. Both Giambra and Chris Dewey estimate they get half a dozen robo calls per day. 

All three agreed to test three different call blocking devices as part of a two week test.

It took DeHetre 5 minutes to install the free software "nomorobo" onto her phone. In two weeks, she estimates nomorobo blocked more than 100 robo calls.

Giambra gave the $100 Digitone Call Blocker Plus two thumbs up. He says it blocked all the unwanted calls with the push of a button.

But Dewey was not happy with the $50 Call Blocker. She said it blocked too many calls -- including those from a neighbor.

We also tested free apps for people like Lee Hooker, who can't get his cell phone to stop ringing. Robocalls, telemarketers and scam artists call his cell phone from dusk till dawn.

And Libby Blevins is also fed up. Hooker and Blevins each tested a different call blocking cell phone app.

Blevins is using Mr. Number. Publisher recently picked it as the best at stopping cell phone spam. Blevins says it blocked robo calls automatically.

Hooker installed True Caller. Publisher calls it best at identifying callers. The number goes through their database of more than a billion numbers and displays who it is. Some are identified as spam and automatically flagged.

Hooker says only one robo caller got through during the two week experiment.

Both of these apps offer free basic service. You may have to endure ads and limits. Premium services cost a fee. Also try checking with your service provider to see what they offer.