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Nursing student fights Bradenton school for refund after he filed complaints

Nursing student says teacher talked about sex
Posted at 6:24 PM, Feb 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-13 18:24:31-05

Pablo Franzani said the admissions office at Bradenton's Angel Technical Institute told him there was no test to take: just pay and enroll.

Records show Franzani shelled out $2,950 to enroll in the LPN program at the school. This student says the teacher didn't seem to know the material so at the end of week one he requested a different class.

Franzani says the next instructor joked around about sex and sexual organs in that first session.

He says he had been enrolled for six days when he again complained to the school's owner.

Franzani says he was kicked out of the school and the owner refused to return any of his tuition.

Before enrolling in any nursing school, check the campus pass/fail rate on the NCLEX. You can do that at

We checked and found only two students out of eight passed the NCLEX state exam for LPN’s between April and December of last year.

This former student wrote a demand letter to the school, filed a case with the state and won a small claims judgment.

We called the Angel Technical Institute in December and asked why they did not offer a prorated refund.

Days later two checks arrived in the mail totaling $2,950, a full refund.

No one from the school would provide a comment for this story.