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New RV left local family all wet, ruined their summer. Now they have a replacement

No lemon law in Florida for RVs
Posted at 6:54 PM, Aug 30, 2018

Marcello Zarcone took us inside his new camper. Zarcone, who loves camping with his children and grandchildren, wondered if this day would ever come.

Marcello and his wife took delivery on their brand new Coleman Camper this past Saturday, weeks after making a call for action.

Two months ago the family sent us video and pictures showing multiple leaks in the first new camper they purchased in April of this year.

They paid $20k for the RV only to discover it sprung a leak one week later.

The dealer that sold the Zarcone's the camper took it in for repairs twice but each time the couple says it sprang a new leak.

At this point the Zarcone's say they worried about mold and mildew issues inside the walls and pointed out they had never even used the camper before all the defects showed themselves.

We confirmed with the dealer the leaks were tied to a manufacturing defect so we contacted Coleman, the maker of the RV.

Within a matter of days, Coleman responded back to us and then offered to replace the leaky camper with a new one.

Donna and Marcello told us the time was perfect as they do most of their camping in the fall and winter.

In Florida, there is no lemon law for recreational vehicles so it is really up to the dealer/manufacturer to offer a fix.