New rip off making the rounds just convincing enough to trick vicitms

Beware of call notifying you of missed jury duty
Posted at 11:38 AM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 11:38:39-04

Temple Terrace business owner and proud grandmother Debbie Bishop wants the world to know what happened to her. Which is why she posted her scare on Facebook.

She got a call from a Lt. Allen from the sheriff’s office who explained Bishop missed jury duty and faced a contempt of court charge.

The man recited correct addresses for the jail and Clerk of Court Pat Frank's office. He instructed Bishop to pay a fine of $2500 dollars. Here’s what made the con believable. Bishop was to send the fine certified mail to the clerk’s office.

What most people don’t realize is with that postal certification number the con artist can go on line and reroute that mail anywhere.

The Bishop’s figured out the scam after contacting an attorney. Her husband returned to the post office and retrieved the re-load it cards before they shipped out.

Hillsborough Clerk of Court Pat Frank says her office starting fielding calls similar to the Bishops’ earlier this year. She advises disregarding any similar call as the clerk’s office never makes calls. If you skip out on jury duty it is true you could face a fine or even jail time but the notice will come by mail only.