More than 700 customers complain to BBB about shirt factory not delivering paid merchandise

Tampa company racks up hundreds of complaints
Posted at 7:07 PM, Apr 11, 2017

Ashley Cooper is one of nearly 800 people who have contacted the Better Business Bureau in the last year over a missing t-shirt order.

And we found buyers all over the country expressing frustration on Facebook pages, Dollar Tee Club Horror Stories and Boycott Dollar Tee Club.

The Better Business Bureau says it has mediated resolutions for consumers with the Dollar Tee Club.

Cooper and others who posted complaints say it is not the amount of money that bothers them. It is about getting what you paid for. The shirts only cost around $12 and that includes shipping.

Dollar Tee Club has blamed delays on printing issues. We asked the company to respond to the complaint in our story in an interview. They declined but sent a this statement instead:

“Unfortunately, we experienced a very large and unusual growth spike that caused the delays. Since then we have......improved shipping systems, added more equipment, and hired additional labor to assist.”

After Cooper and the others complained to the BBB they wound up getting their shirts. But in some cases it was 9 months after the order.

One of the quickest ways to see what other people are saying about a company is to Google the business name followed by the word reviews. Or just go to Also always pay with a credit card so if you don’t get what you paid for you can get a refund.