Life saving medicines go missing, problem lies with post office

Patient states it's not the first time it happens
Posted at 5:53 PM, Feb 21, 2017

Connie Tucker suffers from advanced lung disease and an immune disorder that requires she take 20 pills a day. Depending on the medicine missing a dose or two could land her in the hospital or worse.

This consumer relies on the post office to deliver most of her prescriptions. Several of which have gone missing over the last two years.

Then another bottle of pills vanished in January. Tracking information indicates the script was filled but the bottle never made it to Tucker's mail box.

Tucker then made a call for action and we asked the post office to review Tucker's complaint. We were at her home when the mail came days later. Inside her box was one of the medications she needed. USPS also found the bottle that was not delivered in January. Tucker says USPS told her a temporary mail carrier made the mistake.

The local post office manager has assured Tucker they would monitor her mail to be sure all of her packages are delivered.



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