Insurance suppliers leave patient stranded

Vendors turned down man who needed scooter
Posted at 6:01 PM, Oct 04, 2016

To the naked eye Joe Bailey appears to be at a disadvantage. But for this patient the new knee scooter works to rehab muscles weakened by foot surgery in early August.

The doctor ordered Bailey to begin using the scooter one week post operation but there was just one problem.

His Wellcare policy covered the equipment but says not one of the insurance giant's vendors could seem to fill a prescription for a single scooter.

He tried 5 and either they had dropped Wellcare or were closed for business. Bailey’s notes indicate he called all 5  suppliers before he made a call for action.

We emailed Wellcare a summary of what took place and requested someone assist him with the claim.

72 hours later a knee scooter arrived at Bailey’s front door via Fed Ex. For the first time in three weeks Bailey left his house on his own power.