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Furloughed travel agent thought she negotiated deal with cable company, then she got two bills

Customer billed twice made a call for action
Posted at 11:50 AM, May 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-26 18:41:42-04

A furloughed travel agent looking to cut costs thought she scored a deal with her internet and cable provider, but when an error left her with two bills and a new phone number, she made a call for action to ABC Action News.

Sue Pritchard said the mix-up over her efforts to reduce her monthly bills started after she responded to a Frontier ad on Facebook, which led to a phone conversation with a Frontier representative.

"He offered me that $39 rate, and I was like, 'Great. Fantastic. Sign me up,'" said Pritchard.

Pritchard, who was already a Frontier customer, thought the installer who showed up at her home was there to upgrade her internet as part of the new deal.

But then Frontier sent her two bills for the same month.

"I got the bill for the old account, $116, and then the bill for the new account, $95," said Pritchard.

ABC Action News contacted Frontier after Pritchard said she couldn't get the issue resolved on her own.

A Frontier spokesperson told us in an email, "When Ms. Pritchard upgraded her Frontier service to get faster internet, a new account was created, and this resulted in a billing error."

Frontier quickly resolved that error by closing the second account and erasing the extra bill.

Customers looking to reduce their own bills should know that internet and cable providers don't usually offer drastic discounts to existing customers.

But customers may still be able to get a cable bill reduced by calling the provider and requesting a less expensive bundle.

Customers can also get those cost-saving rates for new subscribers by switching carriers.